ARCHITECT | Asheville NC | Peter Tart


The two university biology professors desired an updated kitchen, revised interior stair more compatible with the 1970’s home layout and 8’ ceilings, a new gathering room and outdoor living spaces. Located on a tributary that allows the owners to access the lake with their sailboat the lot slopes down toward the water rather abruptly and the design of the renovation/addition uses that topography to influence the interior and deck levels.

The new gathering room with extensive glass to afford views and natural light steps down from the main floor level and consequently provides a taller ceiling experience, at the same time providing a lower access to the rear yard connection. A new sleeping porch above serves two of the upper bedrooms. A new extensive deck off the rear of the house at the main level provides ample outdoor entertaining, functional circulation and a transition element to the existing lower deck via wide steps also used for sitting. Wide steps also join the existing lower deck with the owners’ favored garden.

The new kitchen displays a curved dining counter constructed by the owner and the stairway, straightened to maximize floor area was constructed by the owner and a local sculptor.

13 1/2 EAGLE STREET, SUITE C Asheville NC 28801 8284121289