ARCHITECT | Asheville NC | Peter Tart


Located on an inner-city parcel combining several individual properties and re-zoned for 10 single-family lots the development design reflects the simplicity of the existing millhouse neighborhood. The new homes will consist of a complimentary scale and thoughtful detailing, will have ample covered front porches, ample fenestration for light, views and scale, and the forms will reflect the natural slope of the existing grade – a creek lies at the rear of the property. The front porches will be located near the much-traveled neighborhood sidewalk, encouraging casual interaction in this close-knit community and forming an extension of the main living spaces. A small municipal park is located across the street from the eastern end of the development, and along with the numerous saved mature hardwood trees on the 10 lots provide an extension of the development.

Three basic floor plans will be utilized for the ten lots and augmentations such as window types & groupings, detailing and minor formal changes unique to particular homes, and form changes relative to specific topographic character will result in a varied and expressive streetscape.

13 1/2 EAGLE STREET, SUITE C Asheville NC 28801 8284121289